Contract Kitchen Suppliers West Yorkshire

Contract Kitchen Suppliers West Yorkshire

Contracts Department

focused on the Construction and House Building sector

The past two years DFK have introduced a new side to the business. Contract Kitchen Suppliers West Yorkshire. This is a consultancy focused on the Construction and House Building sector. Offering a full package supplying all cabinets, doors, appliances and installation or just supplying the cabinets and doors. Futhermore, all our installers comply to building and H&S regulations at all times. Installations will be dry fit only. Also, the company specialises in the delivery of commercial, contractual and project support services. Finally, our primary focus is providing customers with expert consultancy and management to ensure best contracting practices.

Get A Quote

Contract Kitchen Suppliers West Yorkshire

First of all, Send us your architects plans. DFK will design and quote no matter whether it is a compact room or a large house. We certainly can guarantee to give you maximum space at minimum cost. Futhermore, we offer a fully itemised quotation with colour perspective visuals therefore showing how your room will look. We look forward to hearing from you.

Expertise and Experience

Our Designated Project Managers

Finally, when we have been given the green light, Our designated designers will come to site to measure up. Above all, we will ensure what has been quoted will actually fit the room. We have the capability to conduct detailed reviews to produce analysis and performance reports.

One of our designated project managers will be on-site at all times. They will also liaise directly with the QS and site foreman on each individual site. 

Our 35 years of expertise and experience has been gained from key individuals.

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